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Private trips

Private trips are those made to meet the specific demand of the client or clients (the maximum number of clients is conditioned by the capacity of the vehicle, which is 7 passengers), and it is the client who decides the dates and places to visit.

Private trips are especially suitable for people who aim to photograph a specific species. When the number of clients is one or two at most, the guide will dedicate his efforts to get the best photos that can be taken in an "uncontrolled" environment. This would be very difficult if the group were large as this would prevent us from approaching the birds.

Usually our tours start and end in Madrid. For other departure and return places please do not hesitate to contact us.

The client may request Birding Trekking & Nature to design the trip based on the species they wish to observe or may choose the destination of the trip.

The customer chooses dates, destinations, species, etc. And you can always count with our specialized advice.

The price will logically be based on the number of participants, days of duration, mileage, the type of accommodation they want, etc.

Below, we show you some destinations splitted in the Community of Madrid and other Communities. In this destinations you can see some of the birds that we propose in each place. These destinations are not the only ones we know, but they are some of the most commonly chosen.

Tell us what you want to see or photograph and we will send you the best proposals to achieve your goals.

Do you want to request a quote for a private trip? Give us your information: PRIVATE TRAVEL BUDGET

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