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Birding Trekking and Nature is a travel agency CICMA 3397 specialized in photography and wildlife observation trips, especially birds, in Spain and abroad.

Services offered by Birding Trekking and Nature

Expert birding guide (Spanish, English): my long experience in bird watching over the years allows me to easily spot and differentiate different species. In addition, all the destinations offered by Birding Trekking and Nature are previously visited to ensure as far as possible (logically, it is never possible to guarantee that all species will be observed) that when the visit is carried out with customers the success will be very high. Also, the dates of the scheduled trips are carefully chosen to match them in the time of the year that there is a greater probability of success.

Transport: trips are made in a van for a maximum of 7 customers. We understand that a higher number of participants will make observation of species more difficult. In addition, this small number allows a more personalized attention to the customers who choose us.

Photographic advice: Like any discipline, nature photography requires specialized knowledge to take have good results (equipment configuration, lights, approach to birds, etc.) when they are taken without hides. There is an important difference between trips for sighting and trips for taking photographs. In the latter we consider when light is at is best in the places we visit. We also offer if requested advice on equipment configuration, haw to approach Birds to get better lights, etc.

Accommodation and meals: trips of more than one day are usually carried out on a half-board basis (accommodation, breakfast and dinner). Lunches are always held in the countryside with snacks to make the most of the day and are paid by the client. Accommodations offered are economical but very comfortable and with good cuisine to enjoy dinner and breakfast.

The main target of Birding Trekking and Nature is the complete satisfaction of the client who travels with us. We always try to make them unforgettable experiences, in which nature is enjoyed and that, as far as possible, expectations are met regarding the observation of the selected species, whether Mammals or Birds.

We wish the client to have a unforgettable experience on our trips that will make him to return with us.

Luis Sitges

Birds and nature have fascinated me since I was a child and I have always dedicated my free time to it since my professional activity led me through other activities. The experience of so many years allows me to say that I am a great expert in this field.

In a parenthesis in my professional life, back in 1994, I developed a project involving Birds and created the first Aviary in the Community of Madrid called "El Jardín de los Pájaros" (Bird's garden). In it, more than 150 species of birds coexisted, mainly non-native, with the aim of showing to visitors Birds of other countries without having to travel to see them. I think I got ahead of people's hobbies and after five years I had to return to practice as a professional. However, it helped me continue expanding my knowledge in this field of which, as I have already told you, I am passionate about.

Birding Trekking and Nature was born in 2009, a company in which I definitely make my work my hobby, and that allows me to share my knowledge acquired over so many years with the clients that choose my company for the realization of trips for bird observation or photography.

With the start of the activity of the company, I am more interested in nature photography and I am trained in this discipline, dedicating myself to perfecting techniques that allow me to take great Bird photographs in the middle of nature and at the same time allow me to offer advice to customers whose main target is the photography.

Although bird watching in nature can never guarantee results, so that the customer experience is as satisfactory as possible, prior to the scheduled departures we make a prior visit (in those cases that is necessary) to verify that the species have already reached the location where the observation takes place.

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