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Wallcreeper and Alpine Acentor Guadalajara


Travel guide

This time it is a half-day excursion focused mainly on the sighting of Wallcreepers and Alpine Accentors.

It is a unique opportunity to see Wallcreeper close to Madrid that we usually have to look for in much higher and more remote areas such as the Picos de Europa or the Pyrenees where they reproduce. For a few years some of them spend winter in this area of Guadalajara.

The Alpine Accents also attend the site.

You can see a blog with pictures of a previous trip to this destination at: Guadalajara


The wait for Wallcreeper is done in a shady area, so the temperatures will be quite low.​


It is necessary to wear very warm clothes since we will be quite a long time in the shade and the temperatures at the time of the trip will be quite low.​


Low. The trip to the observation places is done in vehicle and there are no long walks.

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