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Soria The Eleonora's Falcon


Travel guide

This trip is mainly focused on the sighting of this great traveler who, on his migration to different parts of Spain, stops on the road to feed on the Spang Beetle. Its wintering sites are the distant islands of Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion and the East African coast that are far away from our country.

To be able to observe them we have chosen some places in the province of Soria that do not miss their annual appointment to feed on these lands before continuing to their breeding sites in Spain. The best time to watch them is the early morning and the evening that is when they feed. The rest of the day they rest hidden among the Pines that are very abundant in this place.

While falcons rest we will dedicate to spot other species of Birds that abound in these places such as the Rock Sparrow, Sky Larks, Common Stonechat, Yellow Wagtail and in lesser number the Red-backed Shrikes.

You can see a blog with photos from a previous trip to this destination at: Eleonora's Falcon


On the date of the trip we can expect heat, except in the early morning that it can be cool.


It is desirable to wear some warm clothes for early morning. Them it is advisable a cap or a hat.​​


​Low. The trip to the observation places is done in vehicle and there are no long walks.

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