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Western Mountain Range of Madrid, Great Raptors 


Travel guide

On this trip we will focus to locate large birds of prey that we have in the community of Madrid.

First we will go to the Picadas Reservoir area where it is quite common to see Spanish Imoerial Eagle and Golden Eagle. We will take a pleasant walk along the shore of the Reservoir of great scenic beauty, where we will also see a multitude of passerine Birds. Later, we will visit different places in this beautiful mountain range to continue locating the large Raptors. Also, we will travel to the Cofio River to try to spot the White-throated Dipper.

You can see the blog with last year's photographs at: sierra oeste de Madrid


​Temperatures in the area are usually quite cold at this time of year.​

​Recommendations: ​​

It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Although we are not going to make long treils, for the walk through the Picadas Reservoir, comfortable trekking shoes or boots are recommended.​


Low. We will only walk through the Reservoir of Picadas (very low demand route) and the rest of the day will be done in vehicle and a short walk along the banks of the Cofio River..

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