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R. P. of the Southeast of Madrid BLuethroat and Reed Bunting


Travel guide

This time it is a half day excursion.

This morning we will go to the Regional Park of the Southeast of Madrid where during the winter it is easy to see bluethroat nightingales, marsh bunting and, with luck, little snipe and common bittern.

To locate these species, we will go through the best places in this Park in search of them.

We will also pay special attention to the aquatic birds that spend the winter in this part of Madrid.

You can see a post of a trip to this same place in: P. R. Sureste de Madrid


​Temperatures in this area can be quite cold at this time of year.

​Recommendations: ​​

It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Although we are not going to make long treils, comfortable trekking shoes or boots are recommended.​


Low. During the morning small walks will be made in flat areas.

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