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Navarre. Irati, Roncesvalles and Foces of Arbayun and Lumbier


Travel guide

TThis trip is mainly focused on the observation of two of the great Woodpeckers of Spain, the Black woodpecker and the White-backed Woodpecker that is restricted in Spain to the mountains of Navarre.
Our first destination will be two Navarrese gorges, that of Arbayun and that of Lumbier.
We will spend the next day discovering the different trails of the Irati Forest in search of black Woodpeckers and White-backed W
On the last day we will walk around Roncesvalles in search of the species mentioned above and also it would not be surprising if we could already see some Black Kites and Red Kites migrating to the northernmost countries of Spain and that in this place they find a passage by the mountain passes.


We will be in mountain forests in mid-March so we can find cold and snow to relatively mild temperatures if the weather is good.


It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing or similar and mountain boots that can withstand water or snow, as it is possible that part of the route will be done on snow.


Midium. We will take several walks through the mountains of Navarra, so in some of them there may be some unevenness.

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