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Madrid Río and Casa de campo


Travel guide

It is a half day excursion.
The first destination will be Madrid Río to be able to see and, where appropriate, photograph the Iberian Green Woodpecker. We will also search the river for Common Snaips and hopefully Jack Snipes.
Then, near the river, we will try to locate Stock Doves that are easy to see at this time of year because the trees have no leaves.
Then we will take a walk through the Casa de Campo in search of passerines such us dfferent species of Tits.
You can see a blog with photos of a trip to this destination: 
Madrid Río y Casa de Campo


At this time of year, in early morning can be quite cold and the rest of the day temperatures can be more pleasant.


​It is advisable to bring warm clothes because early in the morning can be quite cold.​


​Low. The walks that we will take through the selected places will not be very long and through flat trails.

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