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La Nava, Boada and Villafáfila. Several species of Geese, Common Cranes, Great Bustards and Short-eared Owls

Travel guide

We traveled to two provinces, Palencia and Zamora to especially watch Geylang Geese and other Waterfowl, Great Bustards, and Short-eared Owl.

On the first day of the weekend we will visit the La Nava and Boada Lagoons all day.

The second day we will dedicate, first thing in the morning, to spot Short-eared Owl and then we will visit the Visitors Center of the Villafafila lagoons. The rest of the time we will go to the best observation points to see Greylag Geese and the Great Bustards. At dusk we will wait for the upcoming of the Greylag Geese to the Lagoon.


Temperatures at this time of year can be very low and even with some fog in the morning which can further accentuate the feeling of cold.


Recommendations for the trip

It is necessary to go very warm and waterproof clothing in case it rains although in both places there are observatories.


Difficulty of the excursion

Low. The displacement to the places of observation is done by vehicle and there are no great walks.

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