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Sickles of Alto Ebro Common Bullfinch, Marsh Tit, Alpine Swift and Yellowhammer 


Travel guide

On this trip we combine bird watching and some trekking.
This Natural Park is located in the northern part of the Province of Burgos where the Ebro River crosses it, forming magnificent gorges and river canyons.
The most remarkable thing in this environment are the clif birds, of which Griffon Vultures and Egyptian Vultures should be highlighted. This excursion is framed in the section of the confluence of the Ebro and Rudrón rivers, which is where cliffs reach their highest altitude and beauty.

Link to a post from last year's trip to this place: Alto Ebro


Las temperaturas en esta zona pueden ser algo frías por la mañana y al estar en la cordillera cantábrica puede haber alguna lluvia. 

​Recommendations: ​​

It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing or similar in case it becomes necessary. Although we are not going to take long walks, for the different walks that we will take, comfortable trekking shoes or boots are recommended.


Medium. There will be no long walks but you will have to walk along trails part of the excursion although the slopes will not be very great.

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