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Gorges of Duratón y Riaza. Dupont's Lark and Black-Eared Wheatear


Travel guide

On this trip we will visit the two most singular canyons of Segovia.

First we will go to the Duratón gorges to try to see the listed and increasingly scarce Dupont's Lark. In addition there are abundant of Thekla, Calandra and Short-toed Larks.

Then we will go to the other gorges, those of the Riaza River where there are abundant Black-eared Wheatears and Spectacled Warblers.

This Canyon of 12 km. in length, between the village of Montejo de la Vega and Linares Dam, exist one of the largest Spanish colonies of Griffon Vulture.

You can see a blog with pictures of a similar trip at: Hoces Duratón y Riaza


In early morning we will go to the sickles of Duratón where the first hours of the morning are usually quite cold, even at that time of the year. If there is no clouds the rest of the day will be noticeably hotter.​


It is advisable to bring warm clothes for the first part of the trip. A route will be made walking through the sickles of the Riaza, so comfortable trekking shoes or hiking boots are recommended. Depending on the weather of the day it will be necessary to wear a hat or a cap and sunscreen.


Low. ​The walk to be made through the Riaza gorges it is  not very long.

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