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Gredos. Bluethroat, Rufous-tailed Rock Thrush and Ortolan Bunting 


Travel guide

With the mountain peaks above 2,500 m. altitude make this part of the Central Mountain Range one of the most representative. La Laguna Grande which is located in the heart of Glacier Cirque of Gredos is of unparalleled beauty.

On the lower slopes there are Pine and Oak trees. Then, as you reach altitude, appears a broom area that gives way to grasslands and at the end big peaks. Summits are an impressive mass of granite crags that are home to such interesting species as the Blue Rock and Rock Thrush, Bluethroat and Ortolan Bunting.

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In early morning, even in good weather, it will be quite cool due to the altitude. In good weather, temperatures will subsequently rise and may become hot.


It is advisable to wear warm clothes for early morning and essential mountain shoes (trekking shoes or boots). It is also recommended to wear a cap or a hat and sunscreen. In case of having a sunny day, sunscreen will be essential if we want to avoid sunburns.


Medium If it is necessary to climb the Laguna Grande (depending on where the Bluethroat are this year), it is a walk with a certain difficulty.

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