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Almeria, Punta Entinas and Gata Cape. Trumpeter Finch and Lesser Short-toed Lark


Travel guide

TThis two-day trip is focused on the sighting of some Birds that are not seen very often on the peninsula such as the Trumpeter Finch, Marbled Teal, Ferruginous Duck, Lesser Short-toed Lark and, with luck, Eurasian Dotterel.


At this time of year the temperatures are usually very pleasant and even hot depending on the weather on the days of the trip.​


It is recommended to wear comfortable trekking shoes or mountain boots. It is also advisable to bring a cap or hat and sun protection. If the weather forecast announces some rain, you should bring a raincoat or similar.


Low. Although there will be several walking tours through the different places that we will visit, they will not be a great effort since they are in flat places and not very long distances.

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