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Migration of Common Cranes at Gallocanta and Río Dulce Gorges


Travel guide

It is a trip to enjoy the awesome concentration of Common Cranes that occurs at this time of year in Gallocanta Lagoon. Last year (despite not being a good rainy year) about 111,000 were censored at this time. 

On the way to Gallocanta we will stop at the Río Dulce Canyon and take a pleasant walk through the canyon. Later we will go to Gallocanta lagoon to see the show that is the great entrance of the Common Cranes at sunset.

Next morning, before sunrise we will return to the Lagoon to watch the spectacle of the Common Cranes going out of the Lagoon in search of pastures.

You can see the blog with photos from a previous trip at: Gallocanta


As we will wait for the sunset and the next day we will be in the lagoon before sunrise we will have a very cold time, regardless of the weather of the rest of the day.


It is advisable to bring warm clothes for the waits that we will make to observe the passage of the Common Cranes and comfortable shoes or hiking boots for the route of the Río Dulce Canyon.​


Low. The only walk that is made is through the Río Dulce Canyon.  The rest of the activities we will travel in the vehicle to the observation sites.

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