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Arrocampo reservoir and Campo Arañuelo, Herons


Travel guide

We will visit in Saucedilla (Cáceres) the Arrocampo Ornithological Park on the banks of the Reservoir whose water cooling the Almaraz nuclear power plant. For this reason, it maintains a constant level of water and a large amount of Reeds.

We will visit through the different observatories for the comfortable observation of many Birds living in a aquatic environment.

We will visit the church of Saucedilla to contemplate the colony of Lesser Kestrel.

Then we will go to the pastures of the Pizarral Ranch looking for Large Raptors.

At sunset we will return to Arrocampo to try to locate the elusive Eurasian Bittern.​

You can see the blog with photos from a previous trip at: Arrocampo

Climate ​​

At this time of the year weathers is fine.


Depending on the temperatures and although it is not usually necessary at this time, mosquito repellent may be needed as we will spend much of the time close to the Reservoir.​


Low. The trip to the observation places is done in vehicle and there are no long walks.

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