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Mountains, Jarama Valley and Southeast of Madrid

Travel guide

On this occasion we will visit three ecosystems in the Community of Madrid.

Our first point of the trip will be the pre-mountain range in a small canyon where Birds as beautiful as the Blue Rock Thrush, some Warblers, and flying over the area are the huge Griffon Vultures and Golden Eagles live. Then we will move to the steppe area to enjoy with the first leks of the Great Bustards. Not far from this area we will be able to see Spanish Imperial Eagles, Lesser Kestrel and Rock Sparrows. We will finish the day in the Wetland area of this Community to see Birds living in this environment.

Climate ​​

At this time of the year weather should be fine.


Depending on the temperatures and although it is not usually necessary at this time, you could need mosquito repellent since we are going to spend much of the time next to a lagoon. It is also advisable to bring some warm clothes and a raincoat or similar in the event that the weather forecasts indicate so. During the first part of the trip we will walk for asome time, so it is advisable to wear comfortable trekking shoes.


Low. Although we will do several walks on foot walks do not offer any difficulty.

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