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Soria, Bardenas Reales, Pitillas, Focces de Lumbier and Arbayún and Belchite


Travel guide

We will start with the visit of the high moorlands in the southeast of Soria in search of the Dupont's Lark. The next day we will focus on visiting the Arguedas rice fields in search of waders in pre-nuptial migration and then we will enter the beautiful setting of Bardenas Reales to spot Black Wheatear and Lesser Short-toed Lark. On the way to our next destination we will make a stop at the Pitillas lagoon where it is not difficult to observe the beautiful Bearded Reedling. On the third day we will visit the Canyons of Lumbier and Arbayún where rockfowl find a privileged place to reproduce. On this day we will focus on the sighting of the scarce White-backed Woodpecker without neglecting the other birds that inhabit these cliffs. The last day will be dedicated to the Lomaza Wildlife Refuge and the El Planerón Ornithological Reserve in search of the Pin-tailed Sandgrouse and Black-bellied Sandgrouse.

You can see a blog with photos from a similar trip at: Bardenas Reales


​Despite the time of year when we will make the trip, the days can be cold since some of the destinations are more than 1000 meters above sea level and with a certain tendency to blow strong winds.


Warm clothes because on this trip we will make footpaths through places that can be quite cold. Trekking shoes or hiking boots for walks, as well as a raincoat or similar in case it rains. A cap is also recommended.


Medium. There are no great routes and they are mostly flat, but being several days of walking I have preferred to set a medium level.

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