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Rincón Mountain Range Pied Flycatcher Red-Backed Shrike and Tree Pipit


Travel guide

The Sierra del Rincón, declared by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2005, it is of unparalleled beauty. Their diversity of ecosystems and their perfect state of preservation make cohabiting it more than a thousand species of animals and plants many of which are endemic or are included in the Regional Catalogue of Endangered Species.

The first part of the route runs along a trail dotted with many shrubs, where Wild Roses are the most abundant, where Red-backed Shrikes find a privileged place to breed. Here also abound Common Whitethroats, Orphean and Garden Warblers.

The second part of the tour will be done in an impressive Oak Forest that is the place chosen by many European Pied Flycatchers to spend the summer and to reproduce. It is not surprising to find European Honey Buzzards, Tree Pipits, Bonelli’s Warbler and, in less numbers, Redstarts.

You can see a blog with pictures of a similar trip in 2018 at: Sierra del Rincón


At this time of the year temperatures are pleasant or even hot.


It is advisable to wear comfortable trekking shoes or hiking boots. Although much of the tour will be done in the shadow it is convenient to wear a cap or hat.​


Low. Although there will be a walking tour at La Hiruela of several kilometers it is a practically flat path without difficulty.

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