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Santoña and Santander Bay, special wintering Seabirds


Travel guide

It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a few days at the Cantabrian observing a multitude of birds that we usually we can not see in our latitudes, but that at these days winter on the Cantabrian Coast.

The trip to Santoña and the Bay of Santander takes place in the month of February as it is the time when you can see unusual birds in our country that wintering on the Cantabrian Coast. We will focus on Santoña and its surroundings and on the Bay of Santander (we will devote more time to one or other destinations depending on the sightings that are occurring on those dates).​

You can see a post with the pictures of the year 2020 at: Santoña


Being a trip already closed for certain days we can find in the month of February with sunny days and pleasant temperature, or rainy days and intense cold.​​


It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing or similar. For photographers it is advisable to carry a waterproof case for camera and lens. We may encounter drizzle that does not prevent us from birding, but which can negatively affect photographic equipment.​


Low. The trip to the observation places is done in vehicle and there are no long walks.

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