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Huesca Pyrenees, Bearded Vulture and Alpine Marmot


Travel Guide

In this trip, in addition to the birds that are the object of it, we will enjoy truly spectacular landscapes in all the routes we will make.

We will arrive at our destination at noon and go up to the spectacular Escuaín Gorge where it would not be surprising to be able to watch the desired Lammergeier. Will be spent the afternoon in the viewpoints awaiting its show up and watching Griffon Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Short-toed Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Hobby and Alpine Swift.

Nest day we will visit these two valleys of unparalleled beauty. In the first, the amount of Alpine Marmot that can be observed in it is of particular importance, and among Birds are the Golden Eagle, Water Pipit, Northern Wheatear and Citril Finch. In the second we will focus on the search for the Deeper, Black Woodpecker and Common Bullfinch. Also an added value of these two areas are the Flowers and Butterflies that can be observed and photographed.

Third day we will go up to the alpine floor in La Plana making short stops to observe Common Cuckoo, Red-backed Shrike and Common Crossbill. On the alpine floor you can see Rock Thrush, Red-billed and Yellow-billed Choughs, Snowfinch, Ortolan Bunting, and with luck the Grey Partridge. You can also see the Alpine Marmot and during the whole route birds of prey including the Lammergeier.In the afternoon we will go to the Defile of La Inclusa to continue seeing more Birds of Prey.

Fourth day we will get up early to go up to La Valle to be able to watch a large number of Lammergeiers of different ages in addition to other necrophagous Birds.

You can see a blog with pictures of a trip to this destination at: Pyrenees


The climate in the Pyrenees Oscense is very variable. Great storms can fall in a short time. We can have cold days as well as hot days.​


It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothes. For photographers, it is advisable to carry a waterproof camera and lens casebecause a storm can falls in any of our walks. It is essential trekking shoes (preferably hiking boots). It also is recommended a cap or hat and sunscreen for sunny days because at that altitude we run the risk of sun burning.


Medium – High.  We will do many excursions with high slopes and several kilometers.

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