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Somiedo, the Cantabrian Brown Bear


Travel guide

It is a trip focused mainly on the observation of the Cantabrian Brown Bear.

The Somiedo Natural Park is located in an environment of incomparable beauty. It is made up of four main valleys that correspond to the four most important rivers that are the Somiedo, the Pigüeña, the Valle and the Saliencia. In it, this emblematic and scarce species lives in Spain, being the largest wild species in the peninsula. Despite this, the Cantabrian subspecies is the smallest in Europe, with males weighing more than 180 kg. although its weight varies greatly depending on the time of year.

It has two population centers, the eastern and the western. The estimated population exceeds 260 specimens, being more abundant in the Principality of Asturias.

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​Temperatures in the area are usually quite cold at this time of year.​

​Recommendations: ​​

It is recommended to wear warm and waterproof clothing or similar in case it becomes necessary. We will make some excursions during the day to get to know the beautiful places in the area such as Braña de Mumián or the Saliencia lakes. Hiking boots are recommended.


Medium. We will do some trails after waiting to see the Brown Bear on comfortable paths, although some are somewhat long.

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