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Steppes of Alcarria de Alcalá  and Lagoons of San Juan And Velilla de San Antonio


Travel guide

This time it is a day trip.

On this day we will visit the plains of the Alcarria de Alcalá in search of steppe birds in search of the birds that live there such as the great Great Bustards, Little Bustards, Royal Shrike, etc.

Then we will go to the San Pedro lagoon and end the excursion at the Velilla de San Antonio lagoon.

In these last two destinations we will be very aware of the birds that take refuge in them, paying special attention to the appearance of the Eagle Owls at sunset.


​TTemperatures in these areas can be cold at this time of year.

​Recommendations: ​​

It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing. Although we are not going to make long treils, comfortable trekking shoes or boots are recommended.​


Low. In the afternoon we will walk along some paths of the lagoons, always in flat areas.

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