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Photographic workshop on the Spanish Ibex heat in Sierra de Gredos


Travel guide

The excursion is focused on watching  and photographing the heat  of the Spanish Ibext. In an incomparable setting such as the Sierra de Gredos, which is possibly the best location on the peninsula for this, we can enjoy the show that these animals provide us at this time.

The best males dispute the right to cover females to perpetuate their lineage. We will enjoy watching and photographing the courtship of males to females. Most of the days we will attend the show that involves the fight between two of the suitors and the sound that makes the clash of the horns until one of them is defeated.

With luck we can even photograph copulation.

You can see a blog with pictures of a trip to this destination in 2019 at: Spanish Ibex


We will be in the mountains in mid-December, so we can have very cold and snowy weather or relatively pleasant temperatures if the weather is sunny and there is no wind.


It is advisable to wear warm and waterproof clothing and hiking boots that withstand water or snow. It is possible that part of the route is done on snow.


Midium. Once we reach the Gredos parking we will have to look where the Ibex are and it is unknown beforehand if there will be a lot of climbing to locate them.

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