Southeast fo Soria, Dupond's Lark


Travel Guide

On this trip we will visit the best areas for the sighting of the Dupond's Lark in the southeast of Segovia.

First we will go to the heights of Bordecorex and we will take a walk through the surrounding moors to see if the Dupond's Lark can be seen and heard. It is not difficult that we can also observe Black-eared Wheatear, and the Tawny Pipit. There is also a great variety of Larks.

In the afternoon we will go to the Altos de Barahona to try to locate the desired Dupond's lark. In this region is the highest concentration of these Birds within the Iberian Peninsula.

In these Heights it is also worth highlighting the different species of Warblers that reproduce in this environment.

Also throughout the day Birds of Prey flight hese areas in search of food.




In the morning they are usually quite cold, even at this time of year. If there is no cloudiness or wind, the rest of the day will be noticeably hotter.


Recommendations for travel

It is advisable to bring warm clothes for the first part of the trip. There will be a route walking through the moors, so comfortable trekking shoes or mountain boots are recommended. Depending on the weather of the day, we will appreciate wearing a hat or cap.

Difficulty of excursions

Low. The route to be carried out through the moorlands does not suppose any greater difficulty