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Eurasian Dotterel and wetlands of La Mancha


Travel guide

On this excursion we will travel first to Toledo to see and photograph the Eurasian Dotterel that at this time of year are passing through their wintering grounds. It is also easy to see other steppe Birds such as the Pin-tailed Sandgrouse, Common and Little Bustards. 

Eurasian Dotterel is the smallest of the three Plovers that we can see in our territory reaching 24 cm. of length. Their number as a breeding Bird is very limited or in many years null. They pass winter in the arid regions of North Africa and Middle East while their reproduction, except for the aforementioned, is mainly in subarctic and tundra areas.

At noon and once we have seen the Eurasian Dotterel we will head to Wetlands of La Mancha to see Birds living in this environment paying special attention to Ferruginous Duck, Great White Egret, Common Spoonbill, White-eaded Duck, Black Tern and a many others.

You can see a blog with pictures of a trip to this destination at: Eurasian Dotterel


Temperatures at the time for which the trip is planned will normally be pleasant.​


It is advisable to bring mosquito repellent for the visit to wetlands.​


Low. The trip to the observation places is done in vehicle and there are no long walks.

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